Care Planning

The business of life is complicated. For various reasons we all struggle to cope at times and find tasks that we previously found easy to be more of a challenge, hopefully only temporarily but sometimes more permanently.

This can be particularly true for the elderly. For the vast majority of older people their overriding desire is to remain independent for as long as possible. It is often hard to reconcile that for some people the way to maintain independence longer is to consider accepting some type of care. Care Planning can take many forms and is not just confined to residential or nursing homes. Lots of care can be delivered at home and can be as simple as having help with cleaning or shopping or having someone deliver a hot meal every day. Simple steps like being assessed for some aids at home such as grab rails or a chair for the shower may prevent an accident that might force a move to a care home. In our experience the best care outcomes for our clients are those that were planned and not a reaction to a crisis.

At Inheritance Law we have the expertise to guide you through what can for many be a confusing and daunting area.

We can advise on:

  • Welfare benefits for the elderly
  • Care at home
  • Moving to sheltered and warden assisted accommodation
  • Moving to residential or nursing care
  • Funding for care
  • NHS continuing care funding
  • Moving in with family members and sharing the ownership of property