Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts

Most firms of solicitors draft Wills for their clients. Not all solicitors are specialists however so how do you choose who to see? It is really important to pick a solicitor who is not simply going to ask you where you want to leave your estate on death and produce a document without a great deal of thought or concern. To be honest that’s only just a step up from a home made Will.

We take a holistic approach to Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts and often our clients sign Wills at the end of the day that are nothing like they had originally intended! This is because we understand that every client’s situation is different and we will spend time with you finding out all about you and your hopes for the future, your family situation and the extent of your estate. We will advise you of the tax position and let you know whether there is anything you can be doing to lessen the tax bill for you or for your loved ones in due course. This may be by writing your Will in a particular way or setting up a trust during your lifetime.

It may involve you giving away assets during your lifetime. We can discuss with you possible claims against your estate after your death and draft your Will to minimise the risk of this. We can help you to protect the interests of vulnerable loved ones. Ultimately what you decide to do will be up to you but we will ensure that you understand the various options open to you so that you are making an informed choice.

certainty-logoWe support Certainty the National Will Register and encourage all our clients to register where their will is stored with Certainty.